TAKE HOLD - Kati Hetrick

Although this is only my second project with SoiLL I’ve been friends with Daniel Chancellor for over 10 years.  Earlier this year he asked to meet with me about producing a documentary series highlighting inspiring people.  His goal was to publish individuals that would counterbalance all of the negativity that’s on the internet. Fast forward to a few months later and today is the day we’re releasing our first piece from the Take Hold series.

This video highlights Kati Hetrick, an athletic manager located in Las Vegas, Nevada.  We spent two days shooting in the area and had a great interview with her that lasted over a hour.  I’ve been wanting to shoot a video at Red Rock Canyon for the last 5 years so I was ecstatic when I found out that she climbed there.

This is actually the first finished project that I’ve worked with Darren Streibig.  We met on Facebook this past summer and had similar goals when it came to video production.  For this series we wanted to do a run and gun approach at the highest quality possible.  We accomplished this by shooting with an Red Epic on a DJI Ronin Steadicam.  So iLL allowed us with 100% creative control in developing this project and I feel like that translates on screen.

producer / director / editor / DANIEL WILSON

director of photography / assistant editor / colorist / DARREN STREIBIG

motion graphics / RYAN MEYER