Over the past couple weeks

I'm two days shy of not posting anything for an entire month.  This being my third blog post I'm not off to that great of a start.  These past couple weeks has been the most busy I've been for 2015.

It started with my last post about being in Branson, Missouri.  There I worked 3-4 days helping a photography production.  The day after we wrapped I flew out to San Francisco, California to shoot there for a week.  I was able to document an install with some environmental equipment near the Golden Gate Bridge.  Followed by a short vacation with some family up in the San Juan Islands and Vancouver, Canada.

After getting back into St. Louis I started a two weekend venture with photographer Demond Meek.  With two sets of Thursdays through Sundays we're collaborating on putting together four videos.  Below is some behind the scenes from the first weekend.

I'll post more photos from my previous trips in the near future.

As of now it's time to get back to work!