Demond Meek x Daniel Wilson

Demond and Daniel partnered a few months back with the intention to combine their talents and years of experience in their respective fields.

“The ultimate goal with our first filmmaking collaboration projects was to tell stories of entrepreneurship, dedication, hard work, and sacrifice.” - Demond Meek

After years of being encouraged to make the transition to video, Demond knew it was time to form a team that would assist in bringing his still photography approach to life.  Daniel has worked in video production for nearly 10 years.  Daniel’s understanding of the fundamentals of filmmaking, cinematography, and editing were essential in making this happen. In addition, Steadicam and drone operator Darren Streibig was brought onboard to help take the visuals to the next level.

“We both felt that we had similar visions that would compliment each other when it came to motion. Cinematic, bold storytelling is what we strived for when it came to these particular projects.” – Daniel Wilson